Why is
Copyright Clearance Center conducting this survey?
Copyright Clearance Center is collecting information usage data to determine the proper royalties we distribute to the publishers, authors, and organizations who own the rights to the information that is used. The information you provide us does not affect what your organization pays for a Copyright Clearance Center license or in any way result in fees to your organization.

What does sharing a publication mean?
For these purposes, sharing means redistributing copyrighted materials to colleagues in your organization. We need to know the number of people to whom you distributed each publication. For intranet sharing please approximate the number of people who have access to the intranet where you posted the material.

What is the duration of the survey?
You will be asked to complete this survey for 10 business days. You may be periodically reminded to complete this survey by e-mail.

How often should I complete this survey?
Please complete this survey each time you share copyrighted materials.

Will my information by shared?
The information you provide will only be used in aggregate. It will never be shared with anyone outside of Copyright Clearance Center.

Does the survey use cookies?
We use cookies as a way to store your log-in information, simplifying access to the survey. If your browser does not allow cookies it will not affect the functionality of the survey, it only means you will need to log in each time you access this survey.

What types of publications should I record in this survey?
Please only record copyrighted publications (e.g. Science, Wall Street Journal, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Le Monde, Dtsch Arztebl Int, etc.).

Who can I contact to share feedback on my survey experience?
You can email the Copyright Clearance Center team at accountmanagement@copyright.com.

For all other questions please email: Technical Support